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You’ve gotta Have Friends!

New to the neighborhood? Looking for a way to connect with other people in Langley? Check out “You’ve gotta have Friends” Older people and less older people building community right here in Langley. Consider yourself invited!

You’ve Gotta Have Friends is a grass roots initiative that aims to involve all citizens in creating a welcoming community where everyone belongs.

Loneliness and isolation are a recognized health concerns and remain critical issues for many people.  You’ve Gotta Have Friends wants to break down barriers that keep people from experiencing a rich and rewarding life by:

• Intentionally noticing and raising up the gifts and capacities of individuals and community groups
• Acting as a catalyst for every citizen to engage in new ways of building relationships
• Empowering positive change and inspiring action towards an inclusive community
• Helping people find socially valued roles in community
• Participating in events that raise awareness of the importance of belonging
• Convening conversations that matter

You’ve Gotta Have Friends brings people together in a variety of ways to share their experiences and to create connections.

Check out their website (click the banner below) for up to date events scheduled weekly and connect with caring / supporting people right here in your Langley Community!

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