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Home Care – An opportunity to model Social Responsibility

Home Care as an industry is based on providing a service to fulfill a real need; caring for those who can’t care for themselves. For many companies the driving force is profit. Profit is often indicated as the measure of  ‘success’.  When it comes to people, we tend to look at wealthy people as successful. Wealth and profit in itself is not bad. When it becomes the sole driving force for a company however the opportunity to be socially responsible is minimized. A company is an entity which ‘lives’ in this world along with everything else. A company should have a healthy balance for generating revenue and caring about the people in interacts with.

People have a built in desire to be socially responsible, it is in our own best interest. We want to do good, because it is the right thing to do. Doing good makes use feel good, doing good enriches our lives. Being socially responsible provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment which cannot be expressed in a currency as a means of value.

“People have a built in desire to be socially responsible, it is in our own best interest.”

We cannot live a full and meaningful life without the interaction with other people. We need other people around us to affirm, love and support us. Just like people need  each other, business needs people and people need business. I like the definition of a company:  “People working [together] to provide value for other people.”. Once you’re looking at a business from a people perspective you see the need for a company to be socially responsible. A business has a role to play in the communities it operates because it intrinsically depends on the very people it serves.

“Question: What is a Company?”

“Answer: People working [together] to provide value for other people.”

As a company we aim to give back to the communities we work in by encouraging our employees to volunteer in their communities or providing opportunities for our employees and volunteers to make a difference in other peoples’ lives.

B Cared For is about helping those who need a little help. We specialize in providing community based non-medical home care in and around your house. We want to be your go-to point of contact when you need some help from time to time or every day. We proudly provide our services in White Rock, Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford.