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Plan for Aging in the Place you Love – Your Safety

To successfully plan ahead, you need to start thinking about how you want to live as you age and what steps you need to take to achieve that lifestyle.

This article is part of a series on Plan for Aging in the Place you Love

Your Safety

Even though people of all ages experience fraud and abuse (including financial abuse), older adults may be particularly vulnerable.
There are many good sources of information available to help seniors learn to protect themselves from fraud and abuse.age in place plan for safety
Ask at your local library or seniors’ centre, or check online for further information.

  • Do I feel safe in my home and in my neighbourhood?
  • Do I know how to protect myself against fraud and abuse, including financial abuse?
  • Do I know what to do if I suspect abuse or if I am feeling abused?

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Teunis Schouten, Owner at B Cared For Services