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Elderly Care – Can someone check up on my mom during the day?

Just today I talked to someone about B Cared For and how we bring community help to those who need it. The person I talked to found herself in the position I wrote about in Caring for your aging parents? Take care of yourself first .  She described how having to look after her own household, children and her aging mom, recovering from an operation can be overwhelming. Compounded by the fact that she maintains a active career to provide for her family. These were some things she shared with me:

“It’d be great if I had someone check in on my mom every day, during the day, even if it is just for an hour each day.”

“Looking after my parents during the day is the hard part.”

Our services are specifically designed to provide the peace of mind you’re looking for. Have someone check up on your elderly parents or take them to their doctor’s appointment during the day while you’re at work and know that they are being cared for. We’re here to help.

You may be reading this story and think, I have time, I could help. We’d love to hear from you, complete a care provider application form today!

Elderly Care – Why you may consider getting some help

Are you providing Elderly Care or provide Support for Senior in your life? The chance for burning out is a realistic one.  The Fraser Health Authority published a useful guide or handbook for Care Givers. In this handbook they identify 8 symptoms of burnout related to being a care provider.

“Everything seems like just too much”

“I just don’t care anymore.”

Let us help take care of some of the mundane tasks in your life or that of a loved one you are caring for. Enabling you to focus on quality family time, take some time off and have some ‘me’ time.

  1. Exhaustion or lack of energy, as in not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. Everything seems,including even the simplest of chores, like just too much. Nothing seems to bring pleasure, including previous activities, friends or activities.
  2. Sleeplessness, caused by the worries of caregiving, or actual sleep loss due to caregiving duties.
  3. Irritability, and mood swings, increased anger at the person being cared for, or at the health team, or the “system” in general.
  4. Lack of concentration that makes it difficult to perform familiar tasks.
  5. Social withdrawal and feeling that no one else under stands, or no one is there anymore to listen.
  6. Anxiety about facing another day, wondering how you will continue in the same intensity of care giving, especially knowing that the needs of your loved one are slowly but surely increasing. You may have come to the point where you are experiencing loss of faith or hope for your situation.
  7. Thoughts of “I just don’t care anymore.”
  8. Health problems of your own, such as headaches, stomach aches, chest pains