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Interesting pieces of information about home support and care for the elderly

Langley Canada Day Celebrations Draw Winner Announced!


Congratulations to Anna Abel Thel of Langley for winning the Langley Canada Day Celebrations draw for 2 Hours of Free Home Support Service!

With the summer now in full swing, we’ll keep a low profile on events… Check back soon for updates on other events or opportunities to win..

Have a great summer and congratulations to Anna!~

New Program helps BC Seniors to modify their Home and Maintain their Independence


B.C. Housing’s launched the Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program early in 2012 to help low-income B.C. seniors and people with disabilities make home modifications that will allow them to continue living at home. Earlier we wrote an article on using checklist on ‘How to improve Home Safety for the Elderly’ This information may help you get the funds you’ll need to put some of these adaptations into your home.

Do you live on low income and with a disability?

Are you a Senior who want to live in the comfort of your home?

Would a few home adaptations help you to maintain your independence at home?

Homeowners and landlords with eligible tenants can apply for financial assistance of up to $20,000 for improvements that make their home more accessible and safe.
The goal of the program is to enable people who have physical limitations to live at home longer. People’s physical needs change over time – sometimes, a small improvement to a home can make the difference between being able to live independently or not.
Types of eligible projects include:

  • handrails in hallways or stairways
  • ramps for ease of access
  • easy-to-reach work or storage areas in the kitchen
  • lever handles on doors
  • walk-in showers with grab bars
  • bathtub grab-bars and seats.

The projects must be permanent and fixed to the home, although exceptions can be made for equipment that gives access to an existing part of the home, such as a bath lift. The program will not cover supportive care, portable aids such as walkers, household appliances, emergency repairs to roofs and furnaces or maintenance work.
Launched in January, HAFI is funded by the government of Canada and the province of British Columbia through the CanadaB.C. Affordable Housing Initiative. Through the HAFI program, $15 million in grants or forgivable loans will be distributed to qualifying B.C. residents over the next three years.
Eligibility requirements, application guide and forms are available on the BC Housing Website when you follow this link.

Another great resource about “CMHC Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence (HASI)” can be found on the tenantsbc site by following this link.



Langley Community Day Parade Draw Winner Announced!


Congratulations to Zosia Ettenberg of Langley for winning the Langley Community Day Parade draw for 2 Hours of Free Home Support Service! Zosia is the president of the Pos~Abilities Society focusing on changing disabilities into possibilities. Check out their website for more information.

Come visit us at the Langley Canada Day Celebrations at McLeod Park June 30 or July 1 for your chance to win 2 Hours of Free Home Support Service.

Caring for your aging parents? Take care of yourself first.

Caring for your aging parents? Take care of yourself first.  If you are looking after your parents today, chances are you are doing this next to your regular job. Where in the past children were able to provide care and support their parents, today’s financial and social pressures make it more and more difficult.  You may find yourself looking after your parents, your children, perhaps even your grand children while maintaining your career. Enough reason for stress? I would say YES. As a company we’re here to provide support where it makes sense. More important is that you continue to take care of yourself first.   The Fraser Health Authority published a useful handbook for Care Givers. This handbook provides some great tips on how to look after yourself while caring for the ones you love.

“Caregiving can be very stressful – acknowledge this.”

“Take care of yourself first”

  1. Caregiving can be very stressful – acknowledge this.
  2. Take care of your own needs and take a regular break from your caregiving duties to rest and renew your energy.
  3. Set aside regular times to do things you enjoy like, taking a bath, visiting with friends, watching a TVshow from start to finish, reading, getting your hair done, listening to music, catching up on your sleep. Remember this is your time to rest and recharge your batteries.
  4. Exercise – walk, swim, jog, play golf, work in the garden. Do some stretching. Try Tai Chi or Yoga.
  5. Eat a well-balanced diet. Good nutrition is important to your health.
  6. Have regular check-ups. Talk to you doctor about any health problems. Use medications with care.
  7. Try to get enough sleep. Although it may be difficult, sleep is important for staying healthy. If you have trouble getting to sleep, try breathing or relaxation exercises (there are books or tapes to help).
  8. Build a support network. Keep in touch with friends. You need a life apart from your caring role. If you cut yourself off, you are also cutting off the support that friends will give you. And you will find it hard to pick up the pieces of your life when you are no longer spending so much time caregiving. You might like to join a support group. It is a good way to meet new people who have the same concerns you do.
  9. Don’t try to be superman or superwoman. Be realistic. Think about what really matters most to you. Let the less important things wait and learn to say “no”.
  10. Think about your supports and use them. Talk with other family or friends who could share the responsibilities.
  11. Find out what resources are available in your community and make contact before or when you need help.
  12. Reward yourself. Remember to congratulate yourself for all your successes, however small you feel they are.
Fraser Health Handbook for CareGivers