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Remembrance Day, time to reflect and act.

This Remembrance Day take some time to reflect the freedom you experience each day. This freedom did not come without sacrifice. When you meet a Veteran please take a minute to express your gratitude.

“Thank You!”

Our veterans have been actively fighting for the freedom we enjoy today. Because of their efforts, drive and determination we as a nation live in peace and safety. Together with our Veterans and others in Generations ahead of us, we now can move around Remembrance Day Hounour our Veteransfreely by car to plane. We have infrastructure to provide for our daily basic needs, heat, clean drinking water and electricity. We have access to medical care and enjoy high quality education; Roads and bridges to get us where we need to go.

We often take all of this for granted, but the freedom and comfort we enjoy now is hard fought and worked for by the generation we often overlook or forget. I’d like dedicate this article as a form of gratitude to the veterans and generations ahead of us who worked hard, persevered and found a way to make this world a better place.

We need to look after the generations ahead of us in our society in an honorable way. Our government should not forget about the generation that worked for what we have now, nor should we. Take some time this week and honour your grandparents, honour your parents perhaps even with a simple ‘thank you’. It is time show our support for the Veterans and the generations ahead of us, we care for them, assist them to live a life worth living for.

“Show Gratitude!”

Attend a local Remembrance Day service with your family to show gratitude and respect to those who gave their lives for your freedom.

Reflect and act!

Teunis Schouten, Owner at B Cared For Services