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Home Care – Recognize when your Parent may need Help at Home

Chances are you reading this article because you’re concerned about your mom or dad’s well being. You may have noticed your parents are not able to keep their place clean, some bill and statements are piling up and the yard is not looking as tidy and well groomed as it used to be. You starting to notice forgetfulness or perhaps a change in your parent’s mood. When you bring up the fact you’re concerned about your parent’s well being with your parent, you probably get a ‘I’m fine, don’t worry’ answer.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

A response like this is understandable. Admitting you need help when you have been independent all your life can be tough pill to swallow. Accepting help is not easy for aging people. Denying the need for help will not make the need for help go away, that is unrealistic. Often the children are the ones to recognize the need for help for their parents.

Recognize some of the warning signs when your mom or dad may need a little help.

Recognize the need for Home Care, Warning Signs.

  • Difficulty with balance / mobility
  • Forgetfulness
  • Declining personal care
  • Loss of interest
  • Yard is not kept up
  • Changes in mood
  • Weight loss
  • House tasks are postponed or ignored
  • Dirty Kitchen & Washrooms
  • Laundry is not kept up
  • Mail/Bills/Statements are piling up

What to do when you recognize the need for help? Thankfully there are many options available. Home Care is usually the first step to consider for your parents to maintain their independence with just a little bit of help in and around the home. Home Care is usually non-medical help and tailored to provide help with the day to day tasks. Home Care is intended to allow seniors to live longer in the place they love most, Home.  Many seniors don’t want to give up the place were they live now, because of life’s memories experienced there. Having to leave this safe and known place is a scary thought. Thankfully this may not be needed. Services like provided by B Cared For offer the means for your aging parents to enjoy the comfort of living in their home while maintaining their independence.

When you recognize the need, the most important thing is to not ignore the signs and hope the problem will go away. Look for help there are options available to improve on the quality of your life and that of your mom or dad. Don’t run the risk of burning out by trying to ;do it all’ caring for your aging mom or dad.

“Don’t ignore the signs … the problem will not go away.”

B Cared For is about helping those who need a little help. We specialize in providing community based non-medical home care in and around your parent’s house. We want to be your parent’s go-to point of contact when they need some help from time to time or every day. We proudly provide our services in White Rock, Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford.

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