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Home Care – How to Start the Conversation with Aging Parents

Talking about Home Care with your aging parents may be a sensitive topic.In a previous article Home Care – Recognize when your Parent may need Help at Home we wrote about recognizing the warning signs and how your parents may downplay their situation.

Home Care How to start the Conversation with your Aging Parents

“Once you recognize the need, initiate the conversation.”

“Don’t wait till a crisis forces the issue.”

So you’ve noticed your mom or dad needs some help, start the conversation sooner rather than later. Don’t wait till a crisis situation forces the issue. Bringing up a sensitive subject on aging and the need for home care may feel awkward for both of you.

“How would my dad feel about this?”

“Put yourself in your parent’s shoes.”

When it comes to starting a conversations like this, focus on the the other person. Think in terms of what would my mom or dad think about what I’m about to say? How would I feel about this subject when I was in their position.  Focus on the respect, love and care your parents displayed towards you when you were young. This is an adult conversation, try to remain objective and emotionally neutral.

“Discuss your observation”

You could start the conversation by talking about your observation, your parent(s) having more difficulties to complete some of the day-to-day tasks around the house, is affecting their health or well being. With a specific observation stated  you can follow up by asking your mom or dad if they recognize the signs and ask what they think a good solution would be.

“Discuss your feelings.”

Another approach could be based on your feelings. E.g. you ‘feel that it is hard to see you parent struggle’ to complete some of these every day tasks. Depending on your relationship with your parents this approach may draw you into an emotional conversation where in the end both you and your parents feel bad or guilty about the situation. When you approach this subject on the emotional side it is important you both remain calm.

“Discuss your limitations.”

Lastly there you may approach the need for outside help, based on other facts like your obligations to your own family don’t leave enough time to properly look after your parent(s), as long as these are true statements and spoken with genuine intent, you’re setting a perfect stage for bringing up the notion of getting a company involved to help out from time to time.

When it comes to involving outside help there are many options available. B Cared For’s unique Pay-As-You-Go program offers a great no hassle solution to help on an as needed basis. Subscribe to our services and use our services only when you need them. B Cared For is about providing care for those who need a little help. We specialize in providing community based non-medical home care in and around your parent’s home. We want to be your parent’s go-to point of contact when they need some help from time to time or every day. We proudly provide our services in White Rock, Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford.

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