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Elderly Care, Cancel your vacation

Caring for an elderly family member makes you more likely to cancel your vacation. Nothing new for many of those actively caring for someone today. Statistics Canada released numbers that indicate that Care Providers are more likely to cancel their vacation.  The study goes on to say that the distance between between the provider and the receiver is not so much of a factor, but the number of hours spend on providing care is a factor. Our pay-as-you-go service structure is uniquely positioned to provide you with some incidental help when you need it.

“Distance not a factor in reduction of social activities “

“Providing care affects time for social interaction”

Apart from financial consequences and time away from work, we looked at the negative effect of distance on other aspects of the caregiver’s life: cancelling holiday plans, reducing social activities, and spending less time than desired with their children or spouse.

The geographic location of the care giver in relation to the care receiver was not related to these types of consequences. Instead, other factors associated with intensity of care, such as the number of hours and the number of types of care provided, had a negative effect – Statistics Canada

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