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Plan for Aging in the Place you Love – Your Transportation

To successfully plan ahead, you need to start thinking about how you want to live as you age and what steps you need to take to achieve that lifestyle.

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Your Transportation

Being able to get to appointments, shopping and recreational activities is an important part of being as independent as possible. For many people, this involves driving.age in place plan for transportation
Planning for independence includes thinking about what to do when you are ready to, or must, retire from driving.
Many people outlive the ability to drive safely due to medical conditions that are more common as you age. It is important to consider how you will get around if you are no longer able to drive. It is also important to start thinking about other transportation options available in your community such as public transit, taxis, low-cost transportation services or family and friends.

  • As I age, can I get to the services that I need and the activities that I enjoy?
  • Am I aware of my medical conditions that could impact my ability to drive?
  • Am I aware of the signs that suggest I may need to consider retiring from driving? Do I know where to go to test my driving ability?
  • If I am no longer able to drive, do I have access to reliable and affordable alternatives in my community?
  • Will the cost of alternative transportation be more or less than owning my own vehicle?

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Teunis Schouten, Owner at B Cared For Services