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Plan for Aging in the Place you Love – Your Finances

To successfully plan ahead, you need to start thinking about how you want to live as you age and what steps you need to take to achieve that lifestyle.

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Your Finances

Understanding and planning for future expenses and staying informed about available income sources will help you maintain your desired standard of living.
Income sources may include personal retirement savings and investments, private and public pension plans, and other financial assistance.age in place plan for finances
There are provincial and federal tax credits as well as income supplements available to eligible seniors. Additionally, many private and public services offer seniors’ discounts.

  • What income will I need to maintain my desired standard of living as I age?
  • Do I have a financial plan that includes a plan for addressing emergencies or possible out-of-pocket expenses to support my ability to age in place?
  • What assistance and benefits are available to me?
  • Am I receiving all the assistance and benefits that I may be eligible for?

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Teunis Schouten, Owner at B Cared For Services