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A Collection of articles on Home Care Providers

Elderly Help – Going from “Me” to “We” will Change the Communities We Live in

Providing help for the Elderly is very rewarding. At B Cared For we look at our company as an entity in the community we work. Though we are a for-profit organization we also recognize that sometimes help will need to come from volunteers. We’d love to connect with you if you’re interested in volunteering in your community. Connecting with those who have difficulties making ends meet yet have a real need for a little help, support or care. This year we’ve volunteered over 300 hours in our communities. We’re challenging others to join in and change the way we act and live in our communities. Our goal is to enable 2012 or more volunteer hours over the next year.

“When we change our thinking from “ME” to ‘WE”, we’re changing the way we live, we’re changing the way we look at the communities we live in.”

B Cared For will facilitate the process of screening volunteers and applicant for eligibility. Providing the applicant with a level of trust and due diligence has been applied.
Interested in Volunteering? Apply today and change your community tomorrow. If you are on welfare or marginally funded feel free to contact us and we’ll take things from there.

B Cared For is about helping those who need a little help. We specialize in providing non-medical help in and around your house. We want to be your go-to point of contact when you need some help from time to time or every day. We proudly provide our services in White Rock, Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford.

Senior Assistance helping you plan your independence.

When looking for Senior Assistance resources, our government maintains a great website with a lot of useful information.

“Senior Assistance, a one-stop-shop government resource”

Our aim is to bring those who need a little assistance and those who can provide the care and support needed. We’re working on a sustainable win-win situation where senior assistance stays affordable and equally important remains sustainable for those who provide this service.  We proudly provide our service in Langley and the Fraser Valley.

Elderly Care becoming a policy issue rapidly

Caring for the Elderly and providing the appropriate support or assistance in our society is becoming more and more difficult. The Vancouver Sun posted an interesting article on changing demographics and how it will challenge policy makers to ensure the elderly in our community are cared for appropriately.

“Older Canadians needing home care today are faced with a patchwork of services”

“Home care is at least 40 per cent cheaper to provide than institutional care”

B Cared For aims to provide community based care for those who need it by those who can provide. We’re working on a sustainable win-win situation where senior assistance stays affordable and equally important remains sustainable for those who provide this service. Interested in joining our Company and change the way community based care is provided? Submit your resume, we’d love to hear from you.


Elderly Care | Meal Preparation Tips to stay Healthy

If you’re a senior receiving care, or a care provider, everyone needs to eat healthy to stay healthy. British Columbia’s government set up a website called EatSmartBC was developed by the BC FOODSAFE program. This is a great resource, easy to read and lots of links to other free resources to learn more about how to take care of yourself and for those you care for.

“The groundwork of all happiness is health”

                                                                              James Leigh Hunt (1784–1859)

We encourage our clients to eat healthy. Our meal preparation service encourages the use of local fresh vegetables and fruits which are in season.

For specific questions about nutrition and/or food related challenges you can call Dial-a-Dietitian, a free nutrition information line for British Columbians. This easy-to-use nutrition information for self-care is based on current scientific sources.