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Teunis Schouten

When I was five years old, I was involved in a serious traffic accident. Ambulance personnel picked me up – almost for dead – and rushed me off to the hospital. My parents were informed that my situation was critical enough that they should prepare for the worst. The doctors went on to say that if I survived, the brain damage was so severe that it was likely I would not be able to function like a normal human being.

But day by day my condition improved. After three weeks I was released from the hospital and able to walk out on my own! Even at that young age I recognized my life had purpose and that I should live it to its fullest. I still thank God for that supernatural miracle of healing, and I’m grateful I am able to enjoy each day of my life.

I grew up in a loving family. When I was 15 years old I realized I needed to leave The Netherlands and explore the world. I told my parents about my decision to immigrate and was determined to succeed. At the age of 16 I made a choice between Australia and Canada by simply ‘rolling the dice’. The path to achieve my objective was full of tough choices, sacrifices, hard work and most of all a healthy dose of determination.

Eight years later, at age 24, I obtained my Engineering degree in the Netherlands and landed a job near Boston Massachusetts. At the age of 27 I immigrated to Canada. Now a proud Canadian, I am married to my beautiful wife and have two children. I continue to be thankful for each and every day.

Along the way, my sense of community and the need to be relevant in the city where I live has grown stronger. I’m actively involved in several community activities, one of which involves reaching out to homeless and marginalized people on a weekly basis. Recognizing the value and the ‘person behind the person’ has become a rewarding and purposeful part of my life.

I’m seeking to blend this sense of community, relevancy and purpose to build a socially responsible company where those who need a little help will B Cared For by those able to provide it, right from within their community.

With my appreciation for life and determination to succeed, I will work to find the best possible service to improve your quality of life and to enable you to maintain your independence. That is my promise.

Teunis Schouten, owner, B Cared For Services Inc.