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10 Quick Tips for Healthy Eating

Healthy living for all ages

Lately I’ve been drawn to living a more balanced (healthy) life. Eating healthy is a big part of that. No matter what your age is, eating healthy is important. We know all know it, yet it is not always easy to do.




10 Quick Tips things you can do to maintain and keep healthy eating habits:

  1. Enjoy a variety of foods
  2. Eat variety of cereals, whole grain bread, vegetables and fruit
  3. Choose low fat products, lean meat with little or no fat
  4. Limit salt, alcohol and caffeine
  5. Only use a little (6-8 tsp) oil, margarine each day
  6. Limit fried food to once a week
  7. Eat fresh fruit as a snack
  8. Choose a variety of fish, poultry and lean meat
  9. Eat no more than 90 grams of meat each day
  10. Choose low fat dairy products

Click here for more details on Health Canada’s guidelines